The ABCs of Providing CI Through Remote Learning: F is for Flipgrid

A while back, I wrote this post about using Flipgrid, an online video sharing platform, in the classroom. Through Flipgrid, teachers and students can create and post videos to a “grid” that are shared with the class. You can read this blog post if you are interested in learning how to set up a Flipgrid grid in your language class.

Disclosure: I have no affiliations with Flipgrid. I just like sharing tools that help World Language teachers provide more CI to their students. 

When I searched the Internet for ideas on how to use Flipgrid in my classes, lots of world language teachers reported that they recorded a video in their target language (TL), uploaded it to Flipgrid, and required students to record their own video in the TL as a response. FORCED OUTPUT ALERT!!

Forced output, as I mentioned in this blog post, is speech that a teacher requires a student to produce in the TL before they are ready. Good language teachers should NEVER require students to do this. All forced output does is ruin student motivation, increase student anxiety, and, in some cases, lead to academic dishonesty à la Google Translate. So I make sure that when I use Flipgrid in my class, I use it to provide a chance for students to engage with input (but not as well as Anne Marie Chase did last year, which she describes in this post. GENIUS!). When I ask students to create a video in response on Flipgrid, I always suggest that they try to use the TL as much as possible but I don’t obligate them to. If they receive any grade for their video, it is always based on content and not on language use.

And as rockstar teacher Jason Fritze pointed out recently in a Fluency Fast webinar, since all of us are stuck in our homes right now, giving students an outlet like Flipgrid gives them a chance to engage with their teacher and their classmates, because students can respond to other student videos as well as the teacher’s video. Right now it is a great way for students to engage socially with each other, which is something we all need right now, don’t you think?

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