The ABCs of Providing CI Through Remote Learning: R is for Reading Activities

When I first transitioned to teaching with comprehensible input (CI), the blog post I found the most helpful was Keith Toda‘s Todally Comprehensible Latin. He has one page on his blog that is an absolute gold mine. This page lists over EIGHTY ACTIVITIES that teachers can do in class to accompany reading.

Keith divides the list into Prereading, During Reading, and Postreading activities (The Postreading section is especially extensive). Some of the activities on Keith’s list are not conducive to distance learning, because they are games or activities that require students to work in groups. But many of the activities on the list can successfully be adapted to the online environment (The last four activities under Postreading are posts added after school building closed. They are great to help teachers navigate some of the technologies we may want to use while teaching remotely). As you work to keep think interesting while teaching online, make a point to bookmark this post.

Another blogger whom I consulted regularly when I was starting to experiment with CI strategies was Martina Bex‘s website The Comprehensible Classroom. It was on this website that I first learned about Smash Doodles (For more information about using Smash Doodles in a physical classroom and to see some examples, visit this post). Smash Doodles are a great activity to use to get students to engage with readings and creatively summarize what they have read.

Once most schools switched to distance learning, Immediate Immersion posted a template that students could use during distance learning to create Smash Doodles. My students used this template to summarize the book Brandon Brown Veut un Chien, which they have read using a Fluency Matters e-course. Once they finished the e-course, students created pages for the individual chapters. Below are two examples:

Once we’re officially back in school, I will create a book out of Smash Doodles to share with my students.

What are some of your go-to reading activities that you’ve had success with during remote learning? Please describe them in the comments!

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