French Resources

1. Here is the PowerPoint and extended reading I made for the Mister Bean video “Steak Tartare.” It has lots of good restaurant vocabulary in it. I use this as a Movie Talk activity. It is very long, so my suggestions is that you split the video and reading into two parts. If you just want the restaurant part, skip ahead to when he gets his menu and avoid the part with the birthday card.

2. Here is a sample of a reading that I wrote for my French 2 class complete with comprehension questions to answer. I have about forty readings for second year French classes that will soon be available for sale on the Teachers Pay Teachers website.

3. Here is a reading for my French 2 class that I wrote to go along with the video “Peanut Butter Lips” from Vimeo. I don’t reveal the name of the video in the reading,  and when I show the video I also don’t show the video title either because that spoils the ending.

4. Here is the PowerPoint I created for my Movie Talk for “The Present.” You can find the video here.

Here is the set of sentences I created for the review game “Six” (learn about the game here).

5. Here is the PowerPoint I created for my Movie Talk for “Cecelia the Balcony Girl.” You can find the video here.

6. Here is the questionnaire I use for La Personne Spéciale in French class.

Here is the PowerPoint I use during La Personne Spéciale.

7. Here is a PowerPoint I created to tell the fable of le Corbeau et le Renard by Jean de La Fontaine. I adapted it to simple French for my French 1 students.

8. Here are two infographics that can be used when you talk about la Chandeleur.

Chandeleur 1

Chandeleur 2

9. Here is the blog post I wrote about resources I use when I teach La France en Danger.